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By REDI Staff | Apr 19, 2024

REDI recently hosted 282 guests at the Middle Sister Conference Center at its Annual Luncheon. The event featured an economic update from Business Oregon Economist, Damon Runberg and REDI Director Steve Curley. Futurist and AI Expert, Steve Brown presented the Keynote address. Part of REDI’s objectives in building community prosperity is to hold events like this to cultivate learning, provide networking opportunities, have fun, and spur connections that build business and personal relationships which help make... Read More

By Courtney Cobb - REDI Board Member | Apr 19, 2024

Economic development is a team sport. Redmond Economic Development, Inc. prides itself on working with local businesses, government, and colleges. This month, we are excited to get to know John J. Graham, Jr. through an informal Q&A session. John is the new Executive Director of the Center for Business, Industry, and Professional Development at Central Oregon Community College.

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By Courtney Cobb REDI Board Member | Feb 16, 2024

Looking to invest in the local community, fifth generation Oregonian Adam Schweitzer looks forward to helping the Redmond community continue to thrive.

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By Courtney Cobb | Jan 19, 2024

In early January, the Investors for Redmond Economic Development, Inc. gathered to toast to another successful year and hear about forecasts moving forward.

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By Mary Knight | Dec 7, 2023

Recently, over 120 of Redmond’s community business leaders and neighbors gathered at the REDI News & Brews event at General Duffy’s Annex. The purpose of this event is to stir conversation about local factors impacting Redmond’s economic growth and to introduce Redmond citizens to leadership from a local manufacturing company with the goal of telling the REDI story and how we help foster growth in the community to prosper and thrive. 

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By Courtney Cobb - REDI Board Member | Sep 7, 2023

Redmond Economic Development, Inc. is excited to celebrate the four nominees for the 2023 Thrive Award. The Redmond community continues to grow and thrive thanks to a variety of events, organizations, and initiatives put forth by residents.

This year’s nominees embody the spirit of the community and help the local area continue to flourish economically. The nominated projects include the Bethlehem Inn Redmond, Jaqua Field, NeighborImpact Child Care Resources and the Redmond Executive Association Crab... Read More

By REDI Staff | Sep 7, 2023

Recently, Mayor Fitch proclaimed June 9, 2023, as this year’s “City of Redmond Manufacturing Day”. Redmond Economic Development Inc celebrated the event by hosting its 10th Annual Made In Redmond Tour. This event aims to further expose the industrial and manufacturing sectors to the community and to educate the community on the importance of building wealth through procuring business expansion and recruitment to Redmond. REDI visited four companies: Bridge Masters, Inc. I3D manufacturing, Medline ReNewal, and... Read More

By Mary Knight | Nov 21, 2022

Buy, Sell, or Hold? - REDI’s News & Brews Panel provides perspectives in today’s Commercial and Residential Markets. Continue reading to learn more.

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By Mary Knight | Nov 8, 2022

Redmond is well known in central Oregon as the “Hub” of many things; manufacturing being one of them. Like spokes on a wheel, Redmond has a diverse set of trades industries. Tucked away in an unassuming building next to the Bottle Drop on Lake Road, one of Redmond’s longest running manufacturers has a strong family history that still thrives today: The De Leone Corporation.

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By Courtney Cobb - REDI Board Member | Sep 19, 2022

Central Oregon Native, Bre Wilkins, looks forward to working with young people in her new position as the Redmond Internship Coordinator for the Youth CareerConnect program (YCC).

“Working with young people and helping them find their unique paths has always been a passion of mine,” says Bre. “Because I grew up in Central Oregon, I was already familiar with many of the great resources students in the area have access to.”

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