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Sourced from eight deep wells, Redmond's municipal water system supplies a minimum of 2.7 million gallons of domestic water daily (mgd), in the non-irrigation months and has a peak usage of 15.8 mgd in the summer. Average daily summer use is 13.1 mgd. The current storage capacity is 15.5 million gallons. There are 12,442 water service connections, of which 80% are domestic households. Monthly rates include a fixed charge based on meter size plus a volume charge that is applied to usage in hundred cubic feet (ccf).

Water Rates (by meter size)


Monthly Fixed Rate

Rate (/ccf)










1 1/2”















Source: City of Redmond July 1, 2022

Sewer Rates

The current WPCF facility is a secondary wastewater treatment plant, which means it uses biological processes to purify wastewater. It is designed to treat an average of 2.9 MGD of wastewater discharge.

Commercial and industrial accounts pay a base fee of $33.56 per month for the first 700 cubic feet (cf) of water used, plus a volume charge based on the strength of wastewater discharged for water use exceeding 700 cf. The volume charge is calculated using an average of winter months? (November- February) water use.

Storm Water Rates

The Stormwater drainage system helps prevent local flooding and protects the purity of the groundwater aquifer, which is the sole source for Redmond's water supply. This is accomplished through the operation and maintenance of 2305 drywells and drill holes, 4590 catch basins, 42 miles of storm pipe, 25 public detention basins, and street sweeping 328 lane miles of city streets. Water quality sampling and reporting is also performed to maintain compliance with state and federal regulatory requirements.

Commercial and industrial accounts pay a base fee per month plus a variable fee based on the average number of daily vehicle trips generated by the site. The daily trips are calculated using the Institute of Transportation Engineers Trip Generation Manual.  

 Storm Water Rates

Base Rate

Variable Rate


$0.06/daily trip end

Source: City of Redmond; rates as of July 1, 2022