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Centrally located within the region, Redmond draws on its workforce from all communities within Central Oregon. This provides greater diversification and a broader talent pool when it comes to recruiting and retaining employees to grow your business.

There is no question that Central Oregon has become an attractive place to live and work, as the region continues to experience a steady in-migration of people from all over the country. Some are escaping the daily grind of city life, others are looking to retire, and many more are looking to find a better work-life balance in which to raise families and build careers.

These trends benefit local employers, who are able to recruit skilled workers at wages 10-20% below the state average. And worker’s comp rates are the 10th lowest in the nation.

As the third largest Oregon city east of the Cascades, Redmond is an important employment center. Employment levels have increased steadily for the last several years with large employment gains from the transportation sector, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and tourism. The city’s population continues to grow rapidly with an expanding and vibrant labor force well suited to meet local business demands.