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Bend-Redmond #1 Best-Performing Small City on Milken Institute list

Bend-Redmond #1 Best-Performing Small City on Milken Institute list

  • Bend-Redmond, Oregon, became the top-performing small metro in the nation. A growing university presence is underpinning strong high-tech job growth, and the metro benefits from low costs and plenty of recreational opportunities. The area is recognized for developing expertise in drone technology.

The Milken Institute announced America’s most dynamic metropolitan economies, ranking 200 large and 201 small metros to find where jobs are created and sustained.

This year, the top spot goes to San Jose, CA, which also was No. 1 in 2015. The San Jose region is on a tech-induced roll, propelled by cloud computing, data processing and hosting services, social media and more.

Which factors determine the divergence in economic performance of metropolitan areas? Why are some thriving while others stall or decline? The Milken Institute's Best-Performing Cities index provides an objective benchmark for examining the underlying factors and identifying unique characteristics of economic growth in metropolitan areas. Our index uses a fact-based set of metrics such as job creation, wage gains and technology developments to evaluate relative growth. While national and international patterns affect near-term performance, and to some extent are beyond a region's control, the top-performing metros have cohesive strategies that distinguish them from others. They offer important lessons that may be adaptable for other localities.

Follow this link to read the complete report.