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Redmond OKs east-side improvements

Redmond OKs east-side improvements

The Redmond City Council made development on the city’s east side a little more appealing Tuesday night.

Councilors gave the go-ahead for city staff to move forward on two different projects that aim to spur development on the east side of U.S. Highway 97.

First, the council approved submission of a funding proposal to Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality for a $15.5 million east-side sewer interceptor project. The sewer interceptor project would be built over two phases with a 20- or 30-year loan from the DEQ. Upon completion, the interceptor would provide wastewater services to undeveloped industrial zoned land, ideally spurring development.

“Typically, development pays for development,” Heather Richards, the city’s development director, told City Council. “The problem Redmond has right now is we have a lot of acres in industrial land, but they’re difficult to service with infrastructure. They’re difficult to develop.”

The east-side interceptor would help move that development along, Richards said.