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Redmond School District Shows Increase in Graduation Rates

Redmond School District Shows Increase in Graduation Rates

Redmond, Ore. – On Jan. 26th the Oregon Department of Education released a report detailing four-year high school graduation rates.  For the class of 2016, Redmond School District showed an 8.6% increase in graduation rates, which rose to 79.1%, outpacing the state average. The four-year cohort graduation rate measures the percentage of students who graduate with a high school diploma within four years of starting 9th grade.  Improved graduation rates in addition to growing enrollment  in Redmond School District accounted for an increase of 91 more students earning diplomas last year than the year prior.

“We embrace this opportunity to celebrate our students, families and educators and the enormous amount of hard work that has been done over the past several years to make success possible for every student in the Redmond School District. We are working to build hope for students by creating a safe and engaging environment where each student is known and valued as the amazing individuals that they are.” said RSD Superintendent Mike McIntosh.  

Redmond School District has taken a focused approach to making progress on graduation rates by providing engaging and relevant learning experiences while building meaningful relationships with students and the community.  “It’s important to us that we build strong relationships with students and families and take into account the varying needs of our community.” McIntosh says.

“We are pleased with the recent jump in graduation rates, and at the same time acknowledge there is much work to be done in order to reach our goal of ensuring each student completes high school prepared for a successful future.” Statistics for the Redmond School District show a dropout rate holding at 3.9% which is comparable to the state average.