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Redmond's Economic Trends in 2018

Redmond's Economic Trends in 2018

Recently, REDI participated in a Q&A panel at the Redmond Rotary. Panelists included City of Redmond, Mayor George Endicott; City Manager, Keith Witcosky; and REDI’s Sr. Director, Jon Stark. The panel reported on a few of Redmond’s key economic indicators as well as updates on the future of Redmond’s Downtown plans, airport growth, workforce, and housing trends in 2018.

Redmond’s downtown plans include adding police officers, new parks and trails, and renovations to the historic Redmond Hotel, adding to the city’s curb appeal. Redmond’s airport continues to see growth, with Mayor Endicott reporting that over 800,000 people are expected to fly out of Redmond (RDM) in 2018. In addition, RDM has plans to add new, more frequent destinations to California and points east. Redmond continues to see low unemployment hovering around 4%, with wage growth increasing 2.5% yearly over the last 10 years. Housing developments plan to increase inventory to approximately 1000 new homes with the hope of easing the area’s vacancy rate.

More details about Redmond’s high ranking economic performance and more insights into the Rotary’s Q & A session can be found in this Redmond Spokesman Article.

If you have questions about REDI and its role in growing Redmond’s economy, or if you would like to get involved, please contact us here.