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So, If You Think Augmented Reality Is...

So, If You Think Augmented Reality Is...

So if you think augmented reality is… a really good happy hour? Think again. This second article of a four-part series focuses on the world of augmented reality.

Remember the Pokémon Go craze from a few years ago? Kids (and adults) who had previously been glued to screens inside the house were suddenly logging miles walking around town in search of digital versions of Pokémon characters “hiding” in real world environments – front yards, school playgrounds, downtown streets, etc. It was novel, fun and introduced millions to the magic of augmented reality (AR).

Augmented reality is defined as a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.  AR is on the verge of making the transition from entertainment novelty to disruptive business force – becoming “the next big tech platform” for delivering information to the world.  

In addition, AR has the potential to significantly enhance your workforce and operations.  What if employees could access information they need to do their jobs without having to look it up on a computer or other device?  What if they could use voice commands to pull up a virtual blueprint, operating instructions or 3D model superimposed on their work environment? AR makes this possible and more.

This Wired article provides a good introduction to what AR technology can do, and why it will change reality as we know it. The author explains it very simply.  While the web digitized information, and social media digitized people, AR proposes to digitize our physical environments. We won’t be limited by computer screens because the world will be our screen.

Stay updated for the next "So, if you think series on Artificial Intelligence.