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Watch the REDI Annual Luncheon Video

Watch the REDI Annual Luncheon Video

At the recent REDI Annual Luncheon, renowned Author, Speaker and Strategist, Zach Mercurio, presented a keynote via live webcast with a timely and compelling message about leading with purpose, why it matters and how your business can thrive. Zach's message of intent needed to be heard now more than ever. Inspiried by how Redmond's traded sector companies took the lead in showing us how to pivot, reinvent themselves, and be creative in solving problems to overcome obstacles presented in this COVID-19 environment we are in, we took a bold and brave step to hold the Annual Luncheon on an entirely virtual platform.  You may not have been able to attend with us, however, we want you to hear Zach's inspiring message and have access to his message content. Download his presentation slides here

Watch the Annual Luncheon it its entirety below: 

Jon Stark’s Redmond update starts at 6:55 and Zach Mercurio’s Keynote Presentation starts at 17:50.

"To survive, we need a "will" to survive. That will is our purpose. Instead of asking the question, 'How will we get through this?' purposeful leaders ask, 'Who needs us to get through this?' The result is a vision that pulls us through." --Zach Mercurio.