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Business Cost & Incentives
Workforce & Technical Education

Business Cost & Incentives

Redmond is bringing in new businesses and helping local companies expand with incentives designed to offset costs and set you on a path to greater success.


Small town feel, big city amenities. We’re a tight-knit community with a warm welcome and a progressive attitude. Forget the long commutes of large metro areas. Year-round art, music, cultural events and a thriving restaurant scene are only minutes away.


Golfing, hiking, skiing, fishing, climbing,’s all less than 30 minutes from our city center. Easy access to Central Oregon’s gorgeous mountains, rivers and lakes has made Redmond a place outdoor enthusiasts happily call home.


With direct commercial air flights to all the major western metros, connections to interstate highways, and direct access to rail service, our well-established transportation network keeps Redmond businesses running efficiently and profitably.

Workforce & Technical Education

As local companies expand their job opportunities, we’re building a skilled workforce to meet them with innovative training programs, advanced degrees and technical education.

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We're Redi. Are You?

Redmond Economic Development, Inc. (REDI) is a private, non-profit corporation established in 1987 as a partnership between private business and the public sector to encourage economic development in the City of Redmond, Oregon. REDI’s Mission is to create prosperity through community and business development. The Action Plan to accomplish this is to increase the quality and number of jobs, as well as capital investment in the community.

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SmALL Business is BIG Business in Redmond, OR.
Top Employers & Industries
According to the Oregon Employment Department, over 75% of Oregon firms have nine or fewer employees and the average firm employs 15 people.
Parks & Recreation
Here in Redmond, we have one of the world’s best rock-climbing destinations right in our own backyard. In fact, with more than 1,800 climbing routes, including some that are legendary in the climbing...
Industry Mix
Central Oregon has an ever-more diverse mix of industries that create the employment foundation for the regional economy. For example, in 2007, construction accounted for more than 11% of total payro...
Topography & Climate
The geographic climate in the Redmond area is predominantly High Desert. Redmond is one of the driest and sunniest places in the Pacific Northwest; with average annual precipitation of 8.88 inches and...
Business Costs
Redmond has established a reputation for affordable utilities, low development fees, and quick response from local government to the needs of each individual business.
Redmond School District believes in offering rigorous and unique programs that allow choice and success for all students. The district serves more than 7,300 students in a 550 square mile area that i...