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Industry Mix

The current economic expansion is helping to diversify the local economy. Today’s industry composition is much more representative of a major metro area than a rural community. Although construction and leisure and hospitality (tourism) remain important industries in Deschutes County, we are seeing professional and businesses services and health care take up a larger share of the region’s employment. 


Manufacturing Employment

Statistical Area

% Growth (2011-2021)



Deschutes County






Deschutes County and Redmond's manufacturing sectors are adding jobs at a significantly faster pace than the rest of the state or nation. Source: Oregon Employment Department

Key Industries

In addition to targeting industries for recruitment, we also focus on helping existing businesses to grow and expand. It is our goal to deepen the pool of companies in the form of new startups, relocations, and critical supply chains in each targeted industry. To see a high-level view of industries found in Crook, Deschutes, and Jefferson County, visit 2021 Traded Sector Directory.