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Industry Mix

Central Oregon boasts a diverse mix of industries that create a solid employment foundation for the regional economy. As the region expands, there has been a shift from construction and government to gains in new industry sectors such as education, health, information and tourism. The information sector (software, IT services, data centers) has seen the biggest change - growing by 30% in the past 10 years. Tourism (leisure and hospitality) has also seen notable gains in the past 10 years.


Manufacturing Employment

Statistical Area

% Growth (2010-2018)


41 %

Bend-Redmond MSA






Deschutes County and Redmond's manufacturing sectors are adding jobs at a significantly faster pace than the rest of the state or nation. Source: Oregon Employment Department


Selected Central Oregon Traded Sector Industries

Industry Cluster



1,342 jobs @ 83 companies


1,084 jobs @ 32 companies

Brewing & Distilling

1,415* jobs @ 28 companies

Building Products

2,836 jobs @ 67 companies

Specialty Food & Beverage Processing

506 jobs @ 79 companies

High Technology

2,076 jobs @ 121 companies

Outdoor Gear & Apparel

640 jobs @ 96 companies

*Includes brewpub operations (non-traded sector)