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Redmond School District (RSD) believes in offering rigorous and unique programs that allow choice and success for all students.  The district serves approximately 7,000 students in a 550 square mile area that includes Redmond and the unique neighboring communities of Alfalfa, Crooked River Ranch, Eagle Crest, Terrebonne, and Tumalo.  The District employs a staff of approximately 987 personnel. The RSD 2022-2023 total budget is $182 million with a general fund of $92. million. 

The District currently operates eight K-5 elementary schools, two middle schools, two comprehensive high schools, and one dual language elementary school. The district also offers Redmond K-12 Online, a virtual online school program for K-12 students that is offered as a full-time option for any student enrolled in the district. The program allows students to take rigorous courses online while still having access to district resources such as athletics, clubs and extracurricular activities. The district also boasts a growing Career and Technical Education program at both high schools, offering real world readiness and job skills to students.

The Redmond School district opened a dual language elementary school located at Hugh Hartman elementary, in the fall of 2020. It started off as a K-3 school but currently serves K-5. Hugh Hartman has English only classrooms and Spanish-English dual language classrooms. The elementary school currently only offers two dual language classrooms per grade level. Redmond School District plans to offer the dual language program to all grade levels by the 2029-2030 school year. For more information visit Hugh Hartman Elementary .

The district also sponsors a charter school, Redmond Proficiency Academy, for middle and high school students. For more information about Redmond Proficiency Academy visit



Total Enrollment Estimate

Hugh Hartman Elementary School 


John Tuck Elementary School


M.A. Lynch Elementary School


Tumalo Community School


Sage Elementary School


Tom McCall Elementary School


Vern Patrick Elementary School


Terrebonne Community School


Elton Gregory Middle School


Obsidian Middle School


Redmond High School


Ridgeview High School






Redmond Proficiency Academy*


Total District


*Charter School,  Source: Redmond School District

A vast majority of schools no longer require the SAT and ACT tests. According to Forbes, a new survey shows that more than 80% of U.S bachelor-degree granting institutions will no longer require students seeking fall of 2023 admissions to submit either the SAT/ACT standardized exam scores. An additional 85 schools will be test-blind, meaning that applicants’ exam scores will no longer be considered even if they are submitted.

According to FairTest, at least 1,450 colleges and universities have made their test-blind policies permanent. Ninety are extending the standardized tests at least through the 2024 fall admissions cycle. In some states, the percentage of test takers has decreased more than 50% since 2019, due to the test-optional and test-free colleges and universities.

According to Redmond School District, the SAT and ACT tests are no longer required, but are still optional for students. For more information about the Redmond School district and each individual school in the district visit

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