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Our business community is comprised of numerous small companies, many of which are manufacturing-focused. With its affordable land and lease rates, low utility costs and competitive labor costs, Redmond is becoming a hub for smaller innovative businesses that are producing niche products and services for regional and national markets.

Large employers operate successfully here as well, tapping into Central Oregon’s ever-expanding workforce, overall low cost of doing business and business-friendly local governments.

Year over year, the region’s Top 50 Private Employers collectively added about 1,154 jobs, and thereby employed over 20,000 Central Oregonians. Industry clusters in the region’s selected traded sectors include:

  • Aviation/Aerospace
    581 jobs @ 33 companies
  • Bioscience (pharmaceuticals, medical device)
    812 jobs @ 27 companies
  • Brewing & Distilling (craft beer, cider, spirits, tea, kombucha)
    1,011* jobs @ 64 companies
  • Building Products (doors, windows, molding, furniture)
    2,729 jobs @ 64 companies
  • Specialty Food & Beverage Processing
    352 jobs @ 57 companies
  • High Technology (electronics, software, data centers)
    1,307 jobs @ 92 companies
  • Outdoor Gear & Apparel
    549 jobs @ 80 companies

    *Includes brewpub operations (non-traded sector)