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Our business community is comprised of numerous small companies, many of which are manufacturing-focused. With its affordable land and lease rates, low utility costs and competitive labor costs, Redmond is becoming a hub for smaller innovative businesses that are producing niche products and services for regional and national markets.

According to the Oregon Employment Department, 78% of Oregon establishments have nine or fewer employees and the average private establishment employs 11 people. Still, a number of large employers operate successfully here, tapping into Central Oregon’s ever-expanding workforce, the overall low cost of doing business, and business-friendly local governments. Year over year, the region's Top 50 Private Employers collectively added about 500 jobs, and thereby employed over 21,000 Central Oregonians.

  • Aviation/Aerospace
    579 jobs @ 28 companies
  • Bioscience (pharmaceuticals, medical device)
    1,035 jobs @ 21 companies
  • Brewing & Distilling (craft beer, cider, spirits, tea, kombucha)
    887 jobs @ 39 companies
  • Building Products (doors, windows, molding, furniture)
    2,456 jobs @ 48 companies
  • Specialty Food & Beverage Processing
    359 jobs @ 34 companies
  • High Technology (electronics, software, data centers)
    2,076 jobs @ 121 companies
  • Outdoor Gear & Apparel
    666 jobs @ 60 companies

    *Includes brewpub operations (non-traded sector)
    Source: EDCO 2018 Traded Sector Directory; EDCO CRM (Executive Pules); Oregon Employment Dept.