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According to the Oregon Employment Department, over 75% of Oregon firms have nine or fewer employees and the average firm employs 15 people. Recent research released by Dun & Bradstreet and American Express said that 99.1% of businesses in Oregon were less than $10 million in revenues. To an even greater extent than the state, Central Oregon's business environment is typified by innovative, small companies, producing niche-market products and services.   

Still, a number of large employers operate successfully here, tapping into Central Oregon’s ever-expanding workforce, overall low cost of doing business and business-friendly local governments. Year over year, the region’s Top 50 Private Employers collectively added about 1,154 jobs, and thereby employed over 20,000 Central Oregonians. Large employers include some distinct groups including:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Bioscience (pharmaceuticals, medical device)
  • Brewing & Distilling (craft beer, cider, spirits, tea, kombucha)
  • Building Products (doors, windows, molding, furniture)
  • High Technology (electronics, software, data centers)
  • Outdoor Gear & Apparel
  • Value Added Food Products

Selected Central Oregon Traded Sector Industries

Industry Cluster



1,342 jobs @ 83 companies


1,084 jobs @ 32companies

Brewing & Distilling

1,415* jobs @ 28 companies

Building Products

2,836 jobs @ 67 companies

Specialty Food & Beverage Processing

506 jobs @ 79 companies

High Technology

2,076 jobs @ 121 companies

Outdoor Gear & Apparel

549 jobs @ 96 companies

*Includes brewpub operations (non-traded sector)

In Redmond, the largest employers include some of the usual suspects: the local school district, health care, large retailers and municipal government.  Industries represented in Redmond include:

  • Bioscience: Medline ReNewal
  • Aviation and Aerospace manufacturing: Lancair International, Aircraft Rubber,  PCC Schlosser, & Stratos Aircraft
  • Specialty manufacturing: Opportunity Foundation, CR Fabrication, Newhouse Manufacturing, Smith Brothers Pushrods,  & McConnell Labs/Light Elegance
  • Building products manufacturing: Chase Doors, Bright Wood Corporation, & The Parr Company
  • Corporate administrative and back office centers: Advantage Dental, Consumer Cellular, & Shasta Administrative Services
  • Food manufacturing (products and processing equipment): Eberhard’s Dairy, Newhouse Manufacturing, Straw Propeller Gourmet Foods, Key Technology, & Oregon’s Wild Harvest
  • Service & Hospitality: St. Charles Health System & Northview Hotel Group
  • Transportation & Logistics: Central Oregon Truck Company, Utility Trailer Sales of Central Oregon, Papé Kenworth, Saia Motor Freight Line, USF Reddaway, Old Dominion, Peninsula Truck Lines, & Roadrunner Express

Clearly, smaller companies are more crucial to rural communities and it’s fair to say that Redmond’s business environment is comprised primarily of small employers, with a few notable exceptions.