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REDI Calls for Thrive Award Nominations

Redmond Economic Development, Inc. is calling for nominations for its annual Thrive Award.

The Thrive Award aims to recognize and award significant initiatives, programs, projects, or partnerships when successfully implemented noticeably change the landscape which further supports economic development in the Redmond Community.

Whether in prosperous times or in challenging times, REDI recognizes both circumstances allow us the opportunity to overcome trials and triumph for the city we live, work, and play in. Our mission is to build prosperity through business and community development. We couldn’t accomplish this work without citizens, and collaborative partners in Redmond and central Oregon.

REDI wants to publicly recognize individuals, partnerships or organizations who contribute to building the community through collaborations which support economic development. Thus, the Thrive Award.

The criteria for the award are as follows:

  • Implementation of economic benefit to the community (such as jobs, tax base, education or workforce development, childcare, business assistance programs, or table setting which enables future economic development success)
  • Spin‐off impact of the project, including any community domino effect or continuing impact, planned or unplanned – ripple effect
  • Creativity, innovation, or originality such as: packaging land acquisitions, strategic partnerships, joint venture aspects, and financing
  • Achievement of its stated objective with measurable results
  • Development of strong relationships with relevant and widespread community support
  • Relevance and transferability of elements to other communities


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