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Oregon has earned its reputation nationally for being a cost competitive location for business. Recent national rankings reflect an economy that balances innovation, cost-efficiency, and a favorable tax environment with quality of life.

Notably, Oregon has no sales tax, no inventory tax (a single sales factor that benefits large employers with multiple operations), and an affordable property tax system.

Average industrial, commercial, and residential power costs are 25% below the national average, and nearly half those in California. With continued in-migration, labor costs are also among the most affordable on the West Coast.

As you consider relocation and expansion, REDI can help you evaluate and compare the cost factors that will impact your business. The table below provides a comparison of typical business cost scenarios in different states for a manufacturing firm with 20 and 200 employees. 

Visit Comparing Business Costs and Taxes, for additional information, or for a customized comparison tailored to your specific needs, contact us directly.