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5th Annual Made in Redmond Tour

Join us as we celebrate National Manufacturing Day October 6th, 2017, by coming along with us on the 5th Annual Made in Redmond Tour. REDI will showcase four local manufacturing companies that make a huge impact in Redmond's economy. The companies we're touring this year include industries in medical device re-processing, aviation, and a specialty facilities company that keeps your business sustained throughout your work day. After the tour, the event concludes with a luncheon, tour discussion and Q&A session. Our goal for the tour is to further expose the industrial and manufacturing sector as well as its contributions to our community as we proudly say: "It's Made in Redmond!" 

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Seating is limited. Don't miss out!



2017 REDI Annual Luncheon

REDI holds its Annual Luncheon in May at Eagle Crest Resort and Conference Center. This year we learned about 3D and Robotics technologies, where they started, how they impact our lives with applications you had no idea existed, and what the future might hold at the REDI Annual Luncheon! 

Registration is closed.

Exhibits, guest speakers and industry experts from companies as: HP,, The Center Orthopedic & Neurosurgical Care & Research, presented.